THE RIDE offers user-friendly lockers with digital locks, located in the lobby and in both locker rooms. The locker rooms also have comfortable changing areas, bathrooms, showers, and premium amenities to take to you from sweaty to street-ready.


THE RIDE Theater is beautifully designed to provide an optimal experience for every rider. From the beginning, the goal for THE RIDE was to create a unique and immersive environment that seduces riders to disconnect from the outside world and to focus inward. Advanced and tasteful lighting technology is installed in the theater to create unique and evolving environments through each class. And the consideration given to the expertly-designed acoustic and sound systems, ensures an optimal aural experience for every rider. THE RIDE Theater delivers an elevated cycling experience unlike anywhere else, and an unmatched fitness experience unlike anything else.


For the safest and most effective RIDE, we require riders to wear "clip in" shoes. Clipping in results in a more efficient transfer of power with each pedal stroke. It also allows riders to safely spend more time out of the saddle targeting the core and other key muscle groups. If you don’t have the appropriate cycling shoes, don’t worry! Shoe rentals are free for your first ride and $2 for each ride thereafter.

Lockers are conveniently located inside and outside of both locker rooms. Guest lockers have digital coded locks, so no need to bring your own lock. Follow the simple instructions on the back of the locker door, or ask any staff member for help.

Riders can purchase a variety of bottled waters, or are welcome to fill up their own reusable water bottles at the filtered water refill station. At THE RIDE, we strive to be as ecologically and environmentally conscious as possible so we encourage you to bring your own reusable bottle or purchase one at the studio.

Our men’s and women’s locker rooms each have two showers with fresh towel service, hairdryers, and other beauty products and amenities for your convenience.